Spiderman Ultimate DLX Costume (Blue) - COMICS/MOVIES

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Spiderman Ultimate DLX Costume (Blue)

Spiderman Ultimate DLX Costume (Blue) - COMICS/MOVIES
Item #: 8443

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This is a Spiderman body suit. This garment is made from Nylon and Spandex. Additionally, visibility with this suit is the best we have. Please note, these suits are made from a very stretchy material. Please use the size chart below and pick accordingly.

Our model is 160lb male who is 5'7" and he was wearing a Large. Please choose your size accordingly. Also, we photoshopped the eyes in the pictures so they appear white. The actual suit the eyes have a transparent fabric that is not as white as pictured. Also this item features a hidden zipper along the back (horizontally).

If you're 4'8 - 5'5" 100-135lbs - Order a Medium
If you're 5' - 5'8" 130-165lbs - Order a Large
If you're 5'8" - 6'3" 160 - 200lbs - Order an Extra Large

Sale Price : $74.99
Was : $235.00

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Spiderman Ultimate DLX Costume (Blue)

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