Yellow Ranger Helmet (M4H Version) - TELEVISION

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Yellow Ranger Helmet (M4H Version)

Yellow Ranger Helmet (M4H Version) - TELEVISION
Item #: 24

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This item is 100% Completed full scale 1/1 replica helmet. Assembled and painted in fully hand accomplished by skillful professionals.

Its inside diameter is about 9 x 10 inc., and about 11 inc. height. Made from fiber glass,snap on the rear for a tight hold with clip locks. The front part and the back part are attached by an elastic tape setting on inside top of the helmet make it easier for wearing yourself. Fully Internal Padding for a comfortable wearing, so you can wear it for "cosplay" or display as your cool collection!

You'll have an outside vision very clearly!! through acrylic parts.It is handmade elaborately,not by mass production.

Please note: There is only one shipping option for Power Ranger helmets. Choose First Class shipping, any other option will not be honored.

Sale Price : $299.99
Was : $399.99

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Yellow Ranger Helmet (M4H Version)

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