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Shipping Policy

We ship all orders daily and provide every U.S. customer with a tracking number. Those located outside the U.S. will not receive a tracking number. Typically items shipped in the U.S. take about 3-4 days to arrive to their destination. International orders can take upwards of 10 days to arrive.

Returns are accepted if we send the wrong item out. This prevents people from ordering a suit, using it, then shipping it back saying that it did not fit or that they changed their mind.  If we send you the wrong item or the wrong size we will pay for the return shipping as well as the shipping to get you the correct item.

If you ordered a suit, and it turns out that it doesn't fit you we can accept an exchange, but the buyer must pay all shipping expenses. Please call us or email us in advanced so we can be prepared for your exchange.

We must ship all our items to the PayPal confirmed address. If you put a different address in the ship to address, we can not see that because we only get order confirmations through PayPal. If you need your item shipped to a different address make sure you put that address in PayPal so that is the address we see when we review your order.

Home > Shipping Policy

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